The Beginning

Jimweb2For a week my prayers had focused on this one afternoon. My physical therapists were coming to my house and this was the day was supposed to stand up from my bedside on my own power. The journey to this moment had begun three months ago with the amputation of my left leg below the knee to save me from a raging infection in my foot. Most of my life since then was centered on rehabilitation to which I devoted my whole heart’ I was determined to walk again with a hanger and proving the ability stand up on my own was a critical measuring point on the journey to that goal.

My journey to this point had been filled with miracles. Throughout my prayers were answered by a distinct voice saying “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” And the promise proved true again and again. For example I’ve never endured a moment of pain through this entire process including the days after amputation. I was offered pain meds every day but I never needed even an aspirin!

Could one more miracle bless my effort to prove I could stand up on one leg? Prior efforts had all failed as I either pitched forward or fell back and had to be caught by my therapists. If I couldn’i demonstrate progress soon insurance would cancel my therapy.

This special afternoon I perched on the edge of my bed anxious and afraid. As my therapists engaged in casual conversation one of them suggested that I try the more advanced technique of pushing up off the bed with my right hand as I lifted my bottom. He then returned to conversation.

I put my hand down and felt a burst of energy. I wasn’t supposed to stand until everyone was ready but I was suddenly completely ready. I pushed with my hand and in a single motion I was standing straight and tall on my one leg. The therapists gasped jumping to my aid but no help was needed. For the first time since the amputation I was standing on my own one foot.

The bedroom was filled with cheers and laughter. Bui later, after therapy I remembered that jolt of energy and bowing my head offered a prayer of thanksgiving for one more miracle given.