Moving Mountains

river and pine trees

NOTE: I invite you to read my two previous postings, Faith and Physics: Parts One and Two for the background behind this posting.

My interest in quantum physics was kindled by Jesus. Speaking to his disciples he told them that if they had faith the size of a mustard seed they could order a mountain to move from one place to another and it would jump to it. Most Bible readers dismiss that sort of talk as a lot of hyperbole. But is it, really? What if Jesus meant what he said? I wondered.

If Jesus (the designer of the universe) has a clue about how creation works (and I’m guessing he does) we likely have to revise how we understand our world because that’s what’s at issue here. Jesus’ challenge is about physics, not faith. You almost need a microscope to see a mustard seed which tells us that Jesus wasn’t talking about the importance of faith. The issue he poses is, do you think you could even theoretically move a mountain by your command or are you trapped in the muddy ruts of a world where possibilities are few, opportunities limited and mountains pretty much just sit there not caring what you think?

The Bible challenges our expectations about limits from start to finish. That, incidentally, is a good reason to study it daily. Let me give one more example. In all his letters Paul insists that Jesus physically rose from the dead. But he always does it in an odd way. He argues that ‘if there is no such thing as resurrection then Jesus has not been raised and we who believe are to be pitied.’. Now, look carefully at that sentence, most people read it backward. Paul is not arguing that dead people live again because Jesus lived again. He’s saying that Jesus is alive because we live in a world where dead people always rise, a world where the resurrection of the body is a normal part of living.

Do you believe that? I’m not trying to drag you into any churchy talk here. I’m asking if your day to day vision of the world embraces extraordinary expectations like the resurrection of your body (yes, your BODY) or are you mired in what some call the consensual trance? Faith is more than a belief in God. It’s a God-driven belief that the body, mind, and spirit God gave me and the universe in which he placed me are rich with potential far beyond my usual imagining. How much richer? Stay tuned to see more of what the Bible says about our world, including extraordinary possibilities that quantum physics has scientifically confirmed as daily realities and prepare to have your mind totally blown.

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