The Power of Trust

TrustIn my journey from amputation, through rehabilitation and on to recovery I have learned many things. The most important is the truth of St. Paul’s insight that “It is not I who live but Christ lives in me.” The wisdom and power of the Creator reside permanently in each of us. If we continually tap that resource we are guaranteed a life of abundant joy and productivity. Of course, we are also guaranteed struggles and difficulties because the Creator’s plans for our lives are never exactly the same as ours. But that’s the point. God seeks to maximize our experience of life while we have other ideas.

Most of us try to minimize life’s adventure. We do that because we turn our back on the vast wisdom and power readily available to us which leaves us trying to muddle through as best we can on our own. Feeling inadequate, anxious and afraid we tend to drift along doing whatever people expect us to do while avoiding risk whenever possible. Inevitably, the result is chronic boredom and dissatisfaction.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I have discovered that the more I trust God to live His life through me the more I trust myself. When I let God take the lead I am a more self-confident person. I remember that God has gifted me with talents and skills, gifts that come alive when I pursue the dreams and passions God has also planted in my heart. In other words, the more I trust my creator the more I trust myself. And the more I am true to myself the more I am faithful to God.

Jesus once pointed out that it’s a bad bargain to gain the whole world if it costs you your soul. Many think that statement demands self-negation but it’s just the opposite. Getting along and going along with everyone generally means losing our God-given uniqueness. Identifying and making the most of whatever it is that makes us special, regardless of what people around us may say or think, rescues our soul because it is powered by our trust in God.

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