And the Beat Goes On

drummers-drums-soldiers-historic-38573.jpegDuring my months of rehabilitation I thought often about the day I would receive my prosthesis. In my mind that day was glorious. I would slip on the device and walk – no make that dance – out of the clinic.

That day has come and it was indeed glorious but I can tell you – there weren’t no dancing. Even though steadied (but not supported) by parallel bars I was as wobbly as a girl testing her first pair of high heels. My left knee, in particular, seemed to have a mind all its own. Things got better as the training session continued and my therapist said I did “excellent”. I privately labeled my performance with a word but it definitely wasn’t that one.

I now understood that there was a next step that I needed to take – physical therapy. To my surprise, I wasn’t disappointed. I had always had sense enough to wonder how I would negotiate steps, slopes and stuff like that. Now I had an answer – someone would teach me.

Today I’m excited. I embrace the training. It turns out I had forgotten that everything worth having is won through hard work but, the work becomes a pleasure in light of the joy that lies ahead. Life is a rhythm. Life is a rhythm, its driving beat demands effort, but continually increases in pace and excitement. If we follow it, we will be lead towards a place that makes it all worthwhile.